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The Interval between Your E-zine Issues

You have to decide the frequency of your E-zine issues. Are your subscribers going to get your issues five days a week? Once a week? Once a month?

That is up to you to decide the interval (or frequency) of your E-zine issues. If you are prepared to E-mail your subscribers an E-zine issue five days a week, great. Just make sure you have the time and effort commitment to have that accomplished. If you do not have that kind of commitment, send your E-zine issues out once a week, twice a month, or maybe once a month.

However, I urge you not to go beyond the frequency of once a month as your subscribers can quickly forget your E-zine or even you for that matter!

The Concept

You must have a huge collection of information on a certain subject before starting your own E-zine. You can share mini tips, short stories, lessons, mini courses, or snippets on any topic of your choice with your subscribers.

You dispense bits of information to your subscribers on a periodical basis (preferably as regular as once a week) through E-mail. Cost of joining your E-zine on the part of your subscribers is zero.

Preferably, the information you send to your subscribers are non-time sensitive, allowing you to compose your E-zine issues in advance.

For instance, you can compile 30 issues in a day and send each issue every week. This means that you have just compiled content for 30 weeks in one day! This would have been impossible to do if you are sharing time-sensitive information such as the latest natural disaster, celebrity news, etc.

Why Have a Mailing List?

Before anything else, it is important for you to have good reasons to have your own mailing list in the first place. Consider the following:

If you join a Network Marketing company, your upline would require you to write a list of 100 names of people whom you know. The people you know are your prospects because they might be interested in becoming a consumer or starting their own Network Marketing business like you.

If you own a Conventional B2B Business, your target prospects are other businesses, and their information and contact details are likely to be found in the Yellow Pages or telephone directories. Thus the information found in Yellow Pages and the telephone directories are your list of prospects.

So, why have your own mailing list? Because that is where your potential customers are!

The common mantra that most other Internet Marketers follow is “The money is in the list” and I tend to agree with them.

Of course, that is often true only if you harness your mailing list well and that your subscribers are responsive in the sense that they do bother reading your mails every time you send a broadcast to your mailing list. How responsive your mailing list subscribers are depends on how well you develop your relationship with them and how much you understand who your prospects are. Otherwise, don’t hope on cashing in onto your mailing list!

Regardless of what kind of Internet Business you are starting, having your own mailing list is a must. No exceptions.

I am aware that there are JV brokers who are making money simply by making successful Joint Venture deals between the product creators and E-zine publishers without having to have their own mailing list. But then,

having your own mailing list gives you tremendous advantages that both JV brokers and product creators do not have.

For one, whenever you have a product or service you either own or are an affiliate for, you would not have to look further than your own mailing list thus you can be in profit within hours from the time you send out your endorsement letters.

The bigger and more responsive your list is, the more sales you will make and in a shorter period of time.

Secondly, having your own mailing list is more important than just having your own product. Even if you do not own your own product, you can still be an affiliate or Joint Venture for other people’s products.

For the third and most important reason: having your own mailing list gives you the opportunity to first prove your credibility to your subscribers through what you have to share with them in your E-zine! Now that we have established that your mailing list is an asset worth creating, you will also come to learn that…

Your E-zine vs. the Newspaper Company

… you have the following tremendous advantages over the company that brings you the daily newspapers simply by running your own E-zine!

                        You do not have to invest millions of dollars and a ton of effort into your E-zine as opposed to newspaper companies. Starting your own E-zine is practically free to low-cost.

                        You do not need to worry about delivering of your E-zine to your readers on time when every issue is ready. Using an Auto Responder with Broadcast feature, you can send your E-zine issue to hundreds, maybe thousands of your subscribers at the click of a button.

                        With the leverage of the Internet, your E-zine can be your personal paperless newsletter that can reach to as many people as you wish. Thus starting your own mailing list is in your reach. Not everyone can start a newspaper company, but everyone sure can start his own E-zine!

Your Subscriber Base – Quality vs. Quantity

This is the age-old battle question that has been ongoing for as long as every Internet Marketer can remember.

Is it the size of your subscriber base or is it its quality that matters?

If you would ask me, I would say that both of the factors really matter just equally. Having a mailing list without either one of the criteria is not going to make you and your Internet Business profitable.

You may have a list of 100,000 subscribers but if hardly anyone of them even reads your endorsement letters let alone purchasing any product or service from you, you would be broke.

Or you may have a list of 100 subscribers but most of them are responsive to your offers and that they buy from you. However, you wish that the list could have been bigger with the same subscriber quality.

While you do not necessarily have to build your subscriber base in six figures, building a mailing list of your own with at least 1,000 to 30,000 subscribers, well harnessed and responsive, can spell profits for you.

Establishing Your Credibility and Building Relationship with Your Prospects

There is a big possibility that your subscribers do not know you.

If you are brand new to Internet Business, establishing your credibility should be one of your top priorities. People prefer to buy from someone they like and trust. Let that person be YOU!

Another school of thought says that people like people who are like themselves. I guess that is how the saying “birds of a feather flock together” came about.

I tend to agree with them especially when it comes to cultivating your own mailing list.

Injecting your personality into your E-mails and E-zine issues is a sure way of bridging yourself to your subscriber to share what you both have in common and that your subscriber knows that you really care for his needs.

More on building your relationship with your prospects later.

Count Your Profit Centers

You want to make money with every chance possible from your mailing list, from the time your visitor goes to your Lead Capture Page until he stays subscribed to your E-zine. Here are how you can make money from the following ways:

Profit Center #1: One Time Offer

When your subscriber fills in the opt-in form to join your mailing list and get your free report, he will first see your One Time Offer page (like the example below) before downloading your free report.

Your One Time Offer is a sales letter which your subscriber, now your prospect, will see, with the context that this special offer is made available to him only once.

Give a quality One Time Offer to couple with a sales letter with a good conversion rate and you can cash in on your prospects immediately upon signing up!

Profit Center #2: Advertisements and Recommendations in Your Free Viral Report

Giving something away for free (e.g. a free report of your own) allows you to prove your credibility to your subscribers and gives them an incentive for subscribing to your E-zine. In your report, you can include both your own links and affiliate links in the form of your recommendations or advertisements.

Case Study: 3 Steps to Profiting From Your Resell Rights Business

Encourage your readers to give away your free report, allowing your report to reach many PCs like a “virus” throughout the Internet without any effort on your part.

Profit Center #3: Back-end Links in Your Thank You Page

After your subscriber has signed up for your E-zine, he will be automatically redirected to your Thank You Page where he can download your free report.

In your Thank You page, you notify your subscriber that a confirmation mail will reach his Inbox soon and that he can download your free report. While waiting for the confirmation mail, your subscriber can click on any of your links that might interest him. If your subscriber is not interested in your One Time Offer, he might be interested in visiting your links to other sales letters.

Profit Center #4: Links in Your E-zine Issues

In every E-zine issue you send to your subscribers, ensure that you have your own resource box attached. Your resource box can look like the following:


Insert Your Resource Box here (55 characters per

line, 4 lines)

Link 1:


Link 2:


Link 3:



Profit Center #5: Sending Your Endorsement E-mail Messages

The bigger and more responsive your list is towards your E-mails, the more money you can make per endorsement E-mail sent out to your subscribers.

Profit Center #6: Selling Advertising Space in Your E-zine

Once you have achieved a minimum of 1,000 subscribers, you can consider the option of selling advertising space in your E-zine to potential advertisers.

Each of the above profit centers will be covered in detail. However, you will notice that the Profit Centers will not be covered in sequence throughout this guide. But this means nothing more than my wish to preserve the association of the Profit Center with its original allocated number.

Decide on the Theme of Your E-zine

The more focused your theme is, the better. Because with a more focused theme, you can very well rest assured know what most, if not all, of your prospects have in common and so are their needs. Quite simply, your subscribers’ needs are more “predictable”.

For example, if you have an E-zine dedicated to dating tips, your subscribers are probably people in the early stages of their relationships. If any of them are not having any plans on dating, want to stay single, or are ready to cut their wrists, there would not be any reason for them to even subscribe to your E-zine in the first place!

Also, with a more focused E-zine theme, you can easily decide what type of products or service to endorse to your subscribers. Using the same example above, it would be wise if you endorse products or services related to dating.

It is preferable that you focus your E-zine’s theme on an existing hot demand or growing market that people usually search for on the Internet.

If you are planning to sell advertising space in your E-zine, you can charge your advertisers a higher rate because of how responsive and concentrated your subscribers are to a certain advertisement or offer.

A school of thought: Prospecting is a broad subject by itself but you need to know that if the person is not interested in what product or service you have to offer in the first place, he is NOT your prospect. For instance, if your product or service that you are offering is related to dogs, and that the person does not own a dog, there would be no reason for him to subscribe to your E-zine in the first place let alone purchase your product or access to your service. On the other hand, if the person is interested in what you have to offer and has the money, he can very well qualify as your prospect. Now chances are that you do not know who has the money or not but what really matters to you is that the person is looking for solutions or something he wants and you have them. Later on in this guide, I describe to you how you can get targeted prospects into your mailing list and understand them better without having to pay for a survey!

Examples of E-zines You Can Publish

                        Resell Rights Tips E-zine

                        • Internet Marketing Strategies E-zine

                        • Dating Tips for Beginners E-zine

                        • The Nastiest Insults E-zine

                        • Home Business Tips E-zine

                        • Photoshop E-Courses for Graphic Designers

                        • Success Stories E-zine

                        • My Ghost Stories E-zine

                        • Blogging Tactics E-zine


By David Zohar


Welcome and thank you for investing in Mailing List Gold. In this guide, I will show you how you can:

            Create your own successful E-zine (or newsletter) where your subscribers are interested in what you have to say, and they have every darn good reason to listen to you.


With so many E-zines out there, you have to have an edge of your own. Forget the “standing out of the crowd” mentality. Because not only it is nearly impossible, I think that getting people to listen to what you have to say is more important, having looked that each of us can easily subscribe to any E-zine of our choice at the click of the button for free.

In this guide, I show you how you can have your own “fan club” or “cult” and they are definitely better than having just any sort of mailing list, because you would have people take your words rather than from someone else, even though the messages may be similar.

            Make your money from several ways possible with your mailing list!

I describe to you several ways on how you can make your money from your E-zine (your E-zine IS your mailing list). No, there are more ways of making your money other than just sending out regular endorsements to another product or service, though that is one good way of making your profits in a short period of time, and I mean literally hours from the moment you send out an endorsement letter.

Get targeted subscribers into your mailing list by the truckloads!

How you can get subscribers whether you have a lot of money or not using ingenious concepts, some of them which you might have not even thought of!

You will also discover how you can find out your subscriber needs and if the subscribers are really your prospects in the first place without having to pay for a survey!

                        Get repeat customers.

You cannot get far with just one sale from one person. I also show you how you can get more sales from the same group of customers just by making them feel special about your next offer!

                        Create a system that does most of the chores for you!

I do not need to have a crystal ball to tell that one of the main reasons you want to start an Internet Business is that you want to have more time and more money. In this guide, I reveal the entire blueprint to a simple but powerful system that can be responsible for making sales for you while sparing you the time to do most of the unnecessary tasks!